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Forwarding of oversized and heavy loads

BEST Logistics Sp. z o. o. provides specialized logistics solutions for the movement of abnormal, oversized and heavy loads.

For over 20 years now, we have earned our clients’ trust with our comprehensive tailor-made services.

Bringing together business partners from Poland and Western Europe, BEST Logistics carries out a wide range of cross-border logistics projects for the power, chemical, heavy and other industries.


Transport samochodowy

Road transport

Working in close cooperation with experienced haulage contractors, we arrange and oversee all the stages of transporting project cargoes by road.

Transport kolejowy

Rail transport

As a freight forwarder, we also organize transport of heavy and out-of-gauge items on special open wagons, depressed centre flat wagons, and Schnabel wagons.

Transport śródlądowy

Inland waterways transport

Transport via inland waterways is recommended as the best solution if the cargo cannot be transported by road or rail due to its size or weight. We select the vessel type and load space based on a careful analysis of the current navigation conditions along the waterway route.

Transport morski

Sea transport

For Europe-bound and transcontinental deliveries, we arrange transport by sea. To guarantee safety of both cargo and vessel, we always comply with the requirements regarding preparing the cargo for shipment and securing it on board the vessel.

Spedycja portowa

Cargo handling in ports

We have long experience as a sea freight forwarder and offer a wide range of cargo handling and consolidation services. Cargo safety is closely monitored during each transshipment operation.

On-site assembly

Apart from delivery to the point of destination, we offer a full range of on-site assembly services including unloading and mounting components on foundations using a technology that is suited to the location and conditions.